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We Need to Save the World, NOW

Environmentalism, Climate Change, Carbon Emissions, Climate Crisis, Global Carbon Emissions

We Need to Save the World, NOW

We live in a world where most people are still in denial about the devastating impact of climate change; yet, now more than ever, there is a pressing need for individuals, communities, and companies to come together in conscious effort to save the world. 

Various studies have highlighted the negative impact of climate change through global warming and future economic growth. For example, the ice in Antarctica is melting three times faster than ever before, and the US GDP is expected to decrease by 10.5%, solely as a result of climate change, over the next several decades. Things are only getting worse from there.

A study conducted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2019 highlighted the need for countries all over the world to halve carbon emissions by 2030, and eventually reduce emissions entirely by 2050. This same study also revealed that just a 1.5 degree increase in global temperature, compared to pre-industrial levels, can bring catastrophe to our ecosystem, and subsequently, human lives. One instance of this can be witnessed by the unprecedented rains in North Carolina and the unusual droughts in Cape Town. These events impact agriculture and food supplies which ultimately disturbs the economic cycle.

So, yes, we are running out of time to save our planet.

Toxic emissions must be controlled and brought to zero by mid-century in order to mitigate the adverse impact of climate change. While this may seem impossible, it can be done if we all take immediate action - corporations, governments, and individuals alike. 

How exactly can you help at an individual level? Work to reduce your carbon footprint by using less plastic items, switching to a greener diet, and moving forward with a sustainable mindset. Find other like-minded people to come together and to demand better of your government. This will not only help save the planet, the ecosystem, and the global economy, but will build a safe environment for us to live in for a long time.


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