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Tampons: A Gift for us, A Curse for Nature

Tampons and pads are a necessity for females all around the globe. No women, especially in the urban areas can imagine surviving without these saviours.

However, have you ever looked at the packaging for the materials used in making one sanitary napkin? Browsing through the store, we absent-mindedly pick up the brand we are familiar with. But did you know that a single tampon or pad used today will last for almost 500 years. Who would have thought? Currently, 45 billion tampons are used all over the world in one year which has over 8000 harmful chemicals present (in each pad/tampon). 

Does this mean that we stop using sanitary napkins? Seems almost impossible, doesn’t it?

Well, there are far better alternatives. Changing to organic or green tampons/pads is a very sustainable option available right now, thanks to the technology. It uses zero harmful chemicals in the production process, and it decomposes in 5 years. However, you might argue that the cost of organic napkins is far more than the regular ones. Agreed! But what if there is an option that is more sustainable and cheaper, way cheaper than buying tampons or pads every month. 

Menstrual cups! Some of you might have heard about them, for some it might be a foreign concept, but not for very long. Menstrual cups are made from silicone which is highly durable and environment friendly as compared to plastic. A cherry on top of the cake, they are reusable and cost as low as $25 (one-time investment). You can use one menstrual cup for as long as 5 years. While being eco- friendly, they are wallet friendly as well. And, the amount of harmful chemicals present? Zero. 

5 years or 500 years, the choice is yours?


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