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Switching to Cleaner means of Transportation

It is not a hidden fact that over the years the air quality in New Zealand has significantly worsened. There are two main contributors to this problem. One, is the home heating systems that use coal and wood and the second, is the use of vehicles. 

While completely switching to cleaner means is not a feasible solution, especially if you want to travel long distances, it is important to take small measures when possible to reduce the impact cars are having on air pollution.

Switching To Alternative Transportation 

Did you know that out of all OECD countries, New Zealand has the highest rate of car ownership? In 2015, there were almost 3.9 million vehicles in New Zealand. This also means that out of all OECD countries, it contributes to air pollution the most due to its vehicles.

Here are a few ways you can contribute to the reduction of this problem:

  • Ride a bicycle or walk when traveling shorter distances
  • Carpool as much as you can
  • Only take the car when absolutely necessary
  • Educate yourself and others on the importance of reducing our carbon footprint

These small but impactful ways can make a significant difference if everyone does this collectively. Once you adopt these changes to your daily life, try to find more ways to contribute towards having cleaner air and respiratory health.



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