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Raining Plastic: Plastic is falling from the sky

Plastic Rain Raining Plastic: Plastic is falling from the sky

“The greatest danger to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” ~Robert Swan

Facts on Plastic Consumed by Birds.

Why do birds eat plastics, you ask? Because their hunting smell is disturbed by plastic debris floating amidst their real food. Research has discovered bags, bottle caps, fibres, and bits inside the birds’ stomach compared to other groups of sea creatures. 

How Dangerous is Plastic Consumption?

Due to their adverse toxicological effects, plastic consumption is detrimental to all those who consume it. A study published by the Science of the Total Environment demonstrates that birds who ingest plastic have severe health impediments and delayed growth as well.

Why are Birds Dying from Plastic?

Birds consume endless harmful chemicals from the plastic debris they accidentally swallow, leading to their untimely deaths. Sadly, researchers have predicted that by 2050, 99% of all seabird species will die if plastic problems continue to persist to the same degree as today. 

How Can This Affect the Food Chain?

Can this really affect our food chain? Yes, it can! Plastic has already penetrated the food chain. How? Toxins and dangerous chemicals inside the animals’ stomach have accumulated into fats and tissues. Therefore, even humans are not excused from the potential harm of plastic consumption due to the very real possibility that we may eat species from global fisheries that have been eating the microplastic trash that we initially produced.

How Can We Help?

There is one simple way that we can all address this issue. We must opt out of single-use plastic as much as we can. For example, if we all stopped using plastic bags when we grocery shopped then this would lead to massive changes in our plastic trash production. In this way, we can save our marine life and our planet.


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