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How One Corporation Chose Green: Ørsted


Wind Energy, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Global Warming, Green Corporation, ØstredSince 1990, many companies across the globe have taken a step towards conserving our ecosystem by opting for more green energy production, because they have recognized their impact on the environment and the grave danger of global warming. 

One of the leading causes of climate change is none other than the burning of fossil fuels. In fact, 73% of global greenhouse gases come from fossil fuel emission. And, we are using 80% of the energy generated by fossil fuels. Everything we do - heating our homes, travelling by plane, watching TV, etc. - relies on fossil fuels. 

According to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, fossil-fuel combustion by-products are the world’s most significant threat to children’s health and future, and are major contributors to global inequality and environmental injustice. 

This is why switching to sustainable energy has become a number one priority to reduce global emissions by 50% in the next ten years, as indicated by the Sustainable Development Goals. 

A prime example of a company that has made drastic, and successful, efforts towards this shift is Ørsted, based in Denmark. Ørsted went from producing 85% of their energy from fossil fuels and only 15% from renewable energy, to being ranked as the most sustainable company of 2020 by Corporate Knights. 

Ørsted derives its energy from various renewable sources including offshore and onshore wind farms, as well as bioenergy plants. At the same time, Ørsted provides power to almost 13 million customers. Their goal is to be carbon neutral by 2025, and become a net zero producer of emissions by 2030. They have also committed to reducing the emissions that take place outside of Ørsted. In addition, their company has installed one third of all offshore wind turbines at a global scale. 

“They completely revamped their core business from being a pretty coal- intensive utility to being almost a pure-play renewable power provider,” says Toby Heaps, co-founder and CEO of Corporate Knights. 

Denmark, as a whole, has ambitious renewable energy goals for the future, including using renewable energy for 100% of its energy needs in all sectors, including transport, by 2050. 

The way we can support these companies is by choosing to use green energy in our everyday life. Because renewable energy sources are non-pollutant, low maintenance and produce minimal to no waste products. 

So, In the words of Østred, no matter what kind of climate activist you are, we can all do our part to show love for our home, planet Earth, by demanding green energy. 

Act now. Act today. 



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