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Auckland Council Declares Climate Emergency
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Auckland Council Declares Climate Emergency

The Auckland Council, after a meeting with the environmental committee, have finally declared a climate emergency, opening the door to must needed change.
At a packed public gallery, supporters and activists from across Auckland cheered on as the as the motion was unanimously passed. Many of the activist groups made their stance known from the start that the environmental issues raised would ultimately determine how they would vote in the upcoming elections. 
A dead New Zealand sea turtle was even brought along to the event, one which was recently killed due to consuming too much plastic, a problem which is getting out of control in our oceans. 
(Photo Credit: RNZ)
Representing the school climate strikers, Generation Zero, Sidd Mehita, warned the council if they wanted their votes they needed to see action saying, "We need to see you have skin in the game". 
The question everyone is now asking though is will any action actually follow this decision? Activist groups say they will be watching very closely and will continue to rally support in an attempt to improve our environmental problems, but when a global issue such as the climate is destroying so much so quickly, will governments be able to pass laws and change behaviours quick enough?
The Environment Committee includes all member of the council, so the decisions are binding immediately without having to go through additional council processes. The decision comes following Canterbury Regional Council and Nelson City Council who have also recently declared a climate emergency.

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