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The 12 Best Reusable Coffee Cups in 2021

The 12 Best Reusable Coffee Cups in 2021.

Are you a coffee lover? Do you feel refreshed with just one sip of coffee when you feel tired? If yes, then the next questions are something that you should ask yourself:

How many disposable coffee cups have I used in my lifetime? And what exactly happened to those cups? 

Chances are, they were sent to a landfill because of the thin plastic lining in single-use coffee cups that prevent them from being recycled. 

In fact, research by Recycling Advocates reveals that there are around 50 million disposable coffee cups used per year in the Portland Metropolitan area alone. This is equivalent to three million pounds of solid waste, and 6,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. 

50 million disposable coffee cups = 3-million-pound solid waste = 6,000 metric tons CO2.

So, what can you do to keep your love affair with coffee strong, while also protecting the environment? It’s simple! All you need to do is shift from using disposable coffee cups to reusable coffee cups. To make things even easier for you, we have compiled a list of the 12 best reusable coffee cups for anyone to make use of.

Let’s start off with the more affordable reusable coffee cups, for those looking to protect the planet and their wallet.

The Best, Cheapest Reusable Coffee Mugs:

1. The Butterfly Meadow Thermal Travel Mug is a reusable coffee cup made by Lenox. Due to its double wall ceramic porcelain interior, this mug maintains internal temperature for an extremely long time. It is not only easy to wash but also microwave safe which makes it stand out compared to other reusable coffee cup brands. Plus, it looks beautiful with a unique butterfly design to remind you of spring amidst the chilly winter season. Get your Butterfly Meadow Thermal Travel Mug here for just $11.95!

2. The Juro Vacuum Insulated Tumbler is perfect for someone who enjoys the outdoors. It is another affordable reusable mug that can maintain the interior temperature of your beverage for up to six hours. Among the best characteristics of this reusable coffee cup brand is that the cup is guaranteed not to leak when filled with ice. It has a tight seal and a flip lid to protect your liquid and keep it secure. Additionally, this tumbler comes with a reusable straw! Get this for just $19.99 at Trianium. 

3. The Luxury Stainless Steel Thermo Cup is one of our personal favorites here at Purple Turtle. For just $18.00 purchase a shiny stainless steel mug to make all your friends jealous, while also keeping the planet clean. Available in five different glossy colors, take your pick of this reusable stainless steel thermo cup!

4. The Luxe Autoseal Vacuum-Insulated Mug is a product offered by Contigo, a leader in the reusable cup industry. This specific reusable coffee cup is leak and spill proof with its one-of-a-kind locking feature. It has a push-button autoseal technology that seals after you are done drinking. Plus, to make the lid extra secure, the lid can be locked when it is not in use as well. Not only that, but all parts of this reusable mug are BPA-free! Find the Luxe Autoseal Vacuum-Insulated Mug here for just $24.99. 

The Best, Expensive Reusable Coffee Mugs/Coffee Mug Brands: 

5. The KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup is one of the most popular reusable coffee cup brands. The KeepCup is made from glass and was originally designed by two former baristas in Australia. The main idea behind these reusable coffee cups is to make it easier for baristas to rinse out while keeping your lattes fresh as well. These reusable coffee cups are available on KeepCup’s website in three sizes of small (6oz), medium (12oz) and large (16oz) with prices ranging from $23 - $28 USD.

Young woman in forest drinking from KeepCup (reusable coffee cup)

Pictured: Young woman drinking from a KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

Photo by Rūta Celma on Unsplash

6. The Ceramic Reusable Cup is a popular reusable coffee cup by Frank Green. This reusable coffee cup is made up of thermoplastic which is dishwasher safe as well as BPA free. (For more on the importance of using BPA-free products, and what BPA is, read this article.) Plus, it comes with a lid that is incredibly easy to place on and off, and wash separately either by hand or in the dishwasher. The Ceramic Reusable Cup is guaranteed to keep your coffee warm for hours. The cool thing about these reusable cups is that you can mix and match the color of the lid and bottle with as many different options as you like. These cups come in three sizes: small (6oz), regular (12oz) and large (16oz) with prices ranging from $32.95 to $36.95 USD. 

7. The Kinto Tumbler is a stainless steel coffee cup with a unique yet simple design from a Japanese company. Some versions of this reusable cup also come with a sleek handle, making the cup easy to hold. To drink, you can simply remove the handle. Plus, the mug is coated with powder to prevent scratches. So despite the high cost, this mug will last a lifetime. Moreover, this mug performs spectacularly in maintaining warm drinking temperatures even five hours after a drink has been poured. Choose from a variety of over five different colors of the Kinto Tumbler and order yours today for $35!

8. S’Well is a well-known reusable coffee cup brand in the market for bottles and mugs. Its founder, Sarah Kauss, started her now blooming company with one simple goal - rid the world of single-use plastic bottles. However, there were slim options available for both stylish and sustainable bottles, and so she decided to make her own. The Stainless Steel Traveler Mug in particular is made up of Teak-wood and has an insulated and stainless-steel lid with a wide mouth that is easier for drinking. This reusable coffee cup maintains coffee temperature for up to 12 hours, available for $35. 

More of the Best Reusable Coffee Mugs

Here are a few extra great reusable coffee mugs that we had to include in the mix!

9. The Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug has a standard cylindrical design with high quality vacuum insulation to keep your coffee warm or cold for hours - perfect for all the ice-coffee lovers out there! Its stainless steel interior prevents stains and is corrosion resistant, too. Moreover, this reusable coffee mug has a secure locking system to make sure your coffee doesn’t spill everywhere on your busy day out. Learn more about the Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug here! 

10. Hydro-Flask is a famous reusable cup and bottle brand on VSCO, which is a photo publishing site popular amongst younger generations. Made out of stainless steel, they Hydroflask Coffee Mug is chic and modern in design and use. If you need a coffee mug that is a bit easier to carry around, then consider the Coffee with Flex Sip Lid with a nifty handle and lid. The coffee mug and the sip lid are both BPA free and finished off with a powder coating to prevent stains. 

11. The Insulated Coffee Mug with a top lid is provided by MIIR. This reusable coffee mug actually looks like a mug, just with the added technology of a double wall insulation vacuum, stainless steel, and a press fit lid to make sure your coffee does not spill. This unique reusable mug provides the luxury of it being easy to carry, as well as keeping your drink warm or cold as you please. These mugs are available with MiiR with the capacity of 12-oz, and come in a variety of colors.

12. Yeti Rambler is one of the most popular choices for coffee lovers in terms of the reusable coffee cup brands. This brand offers several different tumbler options to cater to a range of needs. However, the most useful for coffee fiends would be the Rambler 10oz Lowball with Standard Lid. This reusable cup is made out of kitchen grade stainless steel, making it puncture and rust resistant. Plus, it’s BPA free! Other Yeti Rambler Tumblers also offer a magnetic lid to keep your coffee extra secure. 

Reusable coffee cups are great to not only provide the ease of carrying your coffee around, but also saving the planet at the same time. Though this appears like a small step, these small acts all add up to large results that help the environment enormously. So regardless of the type of reusable coffee mugs you select, rejoice in the fact that you are protecting the environment from extra and unnecessary harm caused by disposable coffee cups.


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