Our Story

We are the Purple Turtle Co.

1 | OUR VISION - A sustainable community. 
Purple Turtle Co started from a simple vision, to create a community platform where passionate likeminded people could come together and use their skills to create a more sustainable world. 
2 | WHY WE STARTED - Power to the people.
After countless conversations with passionate environmentalists, it had become obvious that people wanted a platform where they could put their unique skills to good use and help create a more sustainable world. So we set out on a journey to create a sustainable community whereby people can come together, and work on a range of projects to create real change. 
3 | THE PROBLEM - A climate emergency. 
For decadees we have been living in an inefficient world where waste and unsustainable behaviours have grown out of control. Unsustainable human behaviour has led to a number of key environmental impacts such as deforestation, ocean plastic, pollution, biodiversity and gobal warming. These issues stem from a wider range of human behaviours including energy production, agriculture, population growth,  waste management, urban development and much more.
4 | THE SOLUTION - Our philosophy.
We have a simple 3 step simple strategy, educate, innovate and collaborate. Firstly we create and deliver content to our digital following to educate society and drive change through human behaviour. Secondly our research & development projects aim to develop new sustainable solutions for consumers and businesses. Then finally we aim to bring this all together through creating a platform where people can work together to solve sustainability issues . The only way we can change things in the world is by empowering people to change behaviours and create solutions. 
6 | GETTING INVOLVED - Our community. 
We are always on the hunt for people who are passionate about the environment. Whether it's just following us on social media and sharing our content, or physically getting involved in research, content or design projects, we can all do our bit to be a part of the solution. If you have a unique skill set or project idea that you think could help us on our mission, then we want to hear from you so we can give you the resources you need to turn your ideas into a reality.
7 | THE FUTURE - Building a better world. 
We hope that one day the Purple Turtle will be widely recognised in society, and will represent and certify when companies are acting in a sustainable way. We intend to become the silicon valley of sustainability, creating an innovative digital environment where people can come together, contribute their skills and make a real positive change to our planet. 

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